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“I wanted to thank you very much for being supportive from the first time I emailed you.  Your phone consultation gave me a feeling of hope that I have not had for a long time.”
Dan, from Colorado
“So helpful! And something we will always remember!”
Lindy, from Arizona
We really appreciate your insight, wisdom, counsel, and advice.  We had a fabulous weekend to re-connect and spend quality time together amidst a very busy season.  The exercises you gave us helped us…remember that we are a team!  Thanks for what you did for us…!
Katie, from Texas

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Meet Our Team
Founder and Director

Jordan Hall, MA

Jordan is a psychotherapist.  He graduated from The Citadel with his BA in Psychology and then from Colorado Christian University with his MA in Counseling.


Betsy Nuismer

Betsy graduated with a MA in Counseling from Colorado Christian University and resides here with her husband. She specializes in marriage, family, and animal-assisted therapy.

Activity Director

Greg Cope, PhD

Greg is a former principal and educator.  He has started numerous schools founded upon the transforming relational and educational principles we also utilize.


Trish Fry, MA

Trish graduated with her MA in Counseling from Colorado Christian University and resides in Colorado Springs. She specializes in family, trauma, and equine therapy.  

What Makes Us Great


ock Your Family is a family counseling and family retreat center located in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO.  We focus on you and your family’s unique needs.  Our family retreats and family counseling services are confidential and personally customized for your family, making your time spent with us the most helpful, fun, and memorable family experience available.

Experiences with Impact

We’ve all had experiences that have shaped us, some good and some not so good.  Sometimes these experiences have even had a lifelong impact on us.  Rock Your Family is an experience of a lifetime that will positively shape your family for the rest of your lives.  Our family experiences, along with our family counseling, are so impactful that they are meant to be defining moments for you and your family.


Building memories that your family can share together is critical.  That is why we’ve incorporated activity-based learning into all our family counseling services.  This way, your family will not only be closer, learn more about each other, and grow in love for each other, but will also be able to recall all that they’ve learned with ease, long after attending Rock Your Family!


No matter where your family is on the spectrum, every family will find significant benefit in attending Rock Your Family.  Whether your family has serious struggles in communication, conflict resolution, addictions, and the like, or your family just needs to reconnect, spend quality time together, and build lifelong memories, we are here for your family!  Our personalized family retreats and family counseling services are perfect for every family. You will not leave unchanged.

About Us

To see families leave a legacy their proud of and impact their generation for good.
To make families great.
We are a Christian family counseling organization that combines family activities with family therapy services to give your family what they need in the way they need it most.
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