Christian Clinical Counselor Position

Hiring for Interns, Pre-licensed, and Licensed Positions


We operate differently because we believe different is better.  If you want to learn more, please read on.  If you end up agreeing, then we are glad you’ve found us and we hope to get to work together soon to serve our Lord and Savior for the increase of His kingdom and the betterment of people’s lives and families!

While most counseling positions out there are 1099 contracting positions, we offer W-2 employee positions.  The biggest advantage to this, is that we handle and pay all applicable taxes for you.  How great is it to have your employer help pay your taxes for you and for you to not have to budget throughout the year just to pay a huge tax bill in the end?  To say the least, it’s great but this isn’t even the beginning for all that we provide our employees that you most likely won’t find elsewhere.  While most counselors don’t receive benefits, incentives, bonuses, supplies, marketing, and so on due to being 1099 contractors, we believe there is a better way.  While most counselors have to pay for their rent, furniture, and literally anything else they need in a 1099 position, we pay for practically everything for our employees.  Need a new lamp?  Covered.  Need art or play therapy supplies?  Covered.  Need basically anything at all to help you be the best therapist you can be and serve your clients to the best of your ability?  Covered.  Want to grow your skills and attend a training or attain a new certification?  Covered.  Sick? Covered.  Need time off?  Covered.  Whether it’s rent, utilities, business cards, marketing, advertising, continuing eduction, supervision, client management systems, phone and internet, and yes even food and drinks or about anything else you can think of, we provide it for you.  We want our therapy team to be the best therapists there are, therefore, we take care of everything for you so that you can put all you have into providing high quality therapy for your clients.  Yes, we handle billing, scheduling, receipting, invoicing, insurance credentialing, web maintenance, and even more too!  Have you ever wanted or needed a full time administrator to help you out?  Don’t worry…we have multiple on staff to help serve you!

If you desire to get your counseling career moving forward and not spend many months working tirelessly just to build up a caseload, and you are also wanting to provide high quality therapy and grow in being both an amazing counselor and Christian, then you’ve found the right place to work.  We work together in a growth-oriented Christian culture dedicated to excellence and the pursuit of righteousness.  We have available positions for interns, pre-licensed, and licensed clinicians.  We want team players that are into developing themselves and others, while fulfilling their calling to help as many people and families as possible with the best counsel possible.

Our Christian Clinicians know how to navigate the complexities of people and families through understanding mental illnesses, emotional challenges, relational problems, and spiritual concerns. Each of our therapists brings their particular specialty to the table or is in development of growing their specialty.  We serve individuals, couples, and families, along with providing group therapy, intensives, and experiential counseling.

Our therapy team as a whole works towards being eclectic and wholistic with a well-rounded approach that tends to be able to help a wide variety of clients.  If you believe we are the right fit for you and you for us, then apply today.  We look forward to speaking with you soon!



  • Part-time & full time Available

  • In-Person & Telehealth Availability

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Guaranteed Pay

  • Annual Pay Increases

  • PTO

  • Sick Pay

  • ROTH IRA / 401(k)

  • Salary+Commission Pay

  • Paid Orientation

  • Sign-On Bonus

  • Additional Bonus Pay Opportunities

  • Continuing Education Reimbursement

  • Fully Furnished Office Space

  • Premium Malpractice/Liability Insurance

  • Monthly In-house Professional Development

  • Paid Weekly Clinical Supervision

  • Advancement Opportunities

  • No-show Protection

  • Opportunities for Paid Supervisory Role

  • Personalized & Customized Promotion/Marketing/Advertising

  • Full-time Administrative Support Team

  • We Credential You with our Insurances

  • Custom-built schedules

  • Therapeutic autonomy with access to case consultation

  • Amazing Team Atmosphere and Christian Culture

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Weekdays, weekends, or evening hours presently available.  (15-24 hrs/wk.


Weekdays, weekends, or evening hours presently available. (25-40 hrs/wk)