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Children's Ministry


Relationships are what it's all about, and family is its foundation. Our professional counselors are dedicated to helping you and your family thrive. More →

Youth Ministry


Marriage is the cornerstone of family, which is why we believe it should be prioritized and why we make it so in our counseling services. More →

Adult Counseling


While every individual is part of a family, each is unique and deserves personalized attention, whether it be for children, teens, or adults. More →

Intensive Therapy Colorado


Our Telehealth services are for clients both inside and outside of Colorado. Telehealth is an excellent model of therapy to help our reach their goals. More →
Women's Ministry


We believe in the power of community and accountability, so we are proud to offer group therapy that is healing, supportive and psycho-educational! More →
Visit our Team Page to learn more about our specific therapists and their hourly rates and insurance acceptance.
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We realize that families, couples, and individuals all need different kinds of help from a knowledgeable  Colorado Springs therapist, so we offer different services suited to the unique needs of each person or family. Click on each tab above to learn more about each counseling service to determine which is best for you or your loved ones. 

We believe that we exist to connect people, see them attain healing and hope, and to solidify relationships.  Along with proven and sound strategies, skills, interventions, and methods, this idea guides all of our counseling services. Our solid foundation allows us to offer the guidance and direction our clients need to make positive changes and grow stronger, while also being a listening ear and offering advice on other aspects of life they may be struggling with. We work with every member of your family to help our clients mentally, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.  No other therapy team in Colorado Springs takes this same holistic approach as seriously as we do. 

Our counseling team comes from different backgrounds, but we all have one thing in common – a dedicated passion for offering the best, most professional, and holistic counseling in Colorado Springs. Want to start making some positive changes in your life and get your family going in a better direction? Choose the counseling option that will best serve your needs, and contact us to learn more or get scheduled when you’re ready. 

Finances and Insurance

We accept cash, check, debit or credit card, money orders, and some forms of electronic payments from self-pay clients. For clients paying with insurance, we accept Optum and Medicaid. Clients with insurance through other providers seeking out-of-network coverage will need to submit a coded insurance receipt (SuperBill) to their insurer for potential reimbursement of which we can supply to you on a monthly basis as needed.
Visit our Team Page to learn more about our specific therapists and their hourly rates and insurance acceptance.
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