Welcome to Rock Your Family, where we prioritize accessibility to therapy services for all individuals and families. We understand that insurance options and payment methods play a crucial role in ensuring clients can access the therapy services they need and the best therapist for themselves or their family.

At Rock Your Family, we strive to provide various options to accommodate different insurance coverage. We provide therapy that accepts Medicaid and offer alternative payment methods for clients without insurance. Read on to learn more about the insurance options and payment methods available at Rock Your Family Counseling.

Accepted Insurance Options

At Rock Your Family, our accepted insurance options include therapy that accepts Colorado Medicaid, CO Access, UHC, UMR, Kaiser and Optum. We also bill Beacon Health Options (Carelon) and Colorado Community Health Alliance (COCHA) as additional Medicaid RAE options.

It’s important to note that coverage for therapy services may vary depending on the specific plan and coverage details of the insurance. Our team at Rock Your Family is well-versed in working with different insurance plans and can assist in understanding your coverage and benefits.

Alternative Payment Methods

In addition to insurance options, Rock Your Family also offers alternative payment methods for clients without insurance or those who prefer to stay off the record by paying cash for services. We have a sliding scale fee structure for cash clients in need, which may be awarded once proper need is determined after completing our financial aid form. We are thankful for our generous partnership with the Rock Your Family Ranch, in which generous donors give to help families in need. Our team at Rock Your Family can provide information on the costs associated with therapy services and assist you in determining the best payment method that fits your needs and budget.

Our alternative payment methods include self-pay options like credit cards, debit cards, cash, HSA (Health Savings Account), or Flex accounts. Clients can also request coded reimbursement receipts (Superbills) to seek potential reimbursement from out-of-network (OON) insurance companies.

Scheduling Appointments

All customers at Rock Your Family – regardless of insurance coverage – can schedule sessions in a convenient and accommodating way. Customers may make appointments using our user-friendly online booking tool or by contacting our office. It’s crucial to remember that to guarantee appointments, every client must have either insurance or a payment method on file or both.

At Rock Your Family, we understand that insurance options and payment methods are essential for accessing therapy services. Our team is committed to providing affordable therapy without insurance and assisting you in navigating insurance coverage and payment methods.