Family Counseling Colorado Springs

Every family has their struggles, fights, and hard times. Know that we are here for you and your family! Our family counseling approach is to meet each family member where they are and seek to help the family as a whole grow, heal, and reconcile where needed most.

Our family counseling is confidential and personalized to fit your family’s needs. (No cookie cutter approach here!) Your family is unique, and we fully embrace that. This is why we maintain flexible hours throughout the day and evening to meet your family’s busy schedule, and why we offer each family a free consultation. We look forward to getting to know each member of your family and to helping you all grow both personally and collectively.

In family counseling, we'll seek to help you attain the following: enhanced communication and conflict resolution skills, unity, deeper trust, closeness, and stronger bonds.

family counseling Colorado Springs

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Michael Walker, LPC
Michael Walker


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family counseling Colorado Springs
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Margaret Grace Masaracchia, MEd, MS, LPCC, NCC
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