Do you provide Good Faith Estimates, so we no what to expect in billing and don’t have any surprises? 

Yes. Our rates are listed on our website, and in accordance with U.S. law, we will provide a GFE upon request, as we always desire to be upfront with our costs and never want any of our clients to experience billing surprises.

We are struggling financially, but want to attend. Do you have any financial assistance programs?

Yes. We want everyone to get the help they need. We offer payment programs and financial aid, which are granted to clients based upon availability and need. Apply Online

Do you keep our information confidential?

We most certainly do. We abide by the same regulations and ethical standards that all other Colorado state psychotherapists do.

Can we do either more therapy or more experiences if we want?

Of course! We customize our retreats and intensives to meet your specific needs and can do any number of therapieteuc or experiential sessions.

What’s the weather like in Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs averages about 300 sunny days each year. Typically mild, but average temperatures do fluctuate. From October to May our temperature ranges from 16F to 76F, and from June to September our average temperature ranges from 38F to 90F. See current weather conditions.

What should we wear?

For our outdoor experiences, we suggest that you dress in layers. Most people typically feel cooler to begin with but quickly begin to warm up as they start moving.

What airport should I fly into?

We recommend that you fly into the Colorado Springs Airport. However, you may also consider flying into Denver International Airport, approximately 2 hours away.

Do we have to stay at the lodging arrangements you have?

No. While we highly recommend utilizing our partner facilities, you may stay wherever you’d like.

What is your refund policy?

Please see our Terms & Conditions.