Therapeutic Experiences

Experiential education and counseling involves the utilization of experiences to enhance the therapeutic process and is a vital part of our programs. Our experiential services are interactive, engaging and sensory-rich, and they are specifically designed to target our clients personal and relational needs. This valuable part of our program brings about enhanced change and incredible realizations. It is also a wonderful way to work on relational and family dynamics. Furthermore, it is a fabulous way to get out of the office and take a break from traditional therapy to supplement your client experience in a transformational way like none other. We have about 25 different experiential education exercises that work great for individuals, couples, and families to improve communication, learn conflict resolution skills, grow trust and unity, increase intimacy, build active-listening skills, and rebuild relationships. They are full of practical applications and specific insights for your life and relationships that help better you and your loves ones!

Children's Ministry

Team Building

Whether your a family, couple, or group, we have over 20 experiences to enhance the way you work together as a team .More →

Youth Ministry

Ropes Course

This is a powerful experience that quickly increases your trust in your own ability as well as your trust in others.More →

Men's Ministry


Horses are amazing creatures that have a special knack for connecting with people and then helping us connect emotionally with others.More →

Children's Ministry

Rock Climbing

This is another strong trust building experience that also carries with it an amazing element of increasing connection between participants.More →

Youth Ministry


This is a great experience that teaches perspective and perseverance, along with steadfast commitment--all essentials for healthy families.More →

Men's Ministry


This is a unique but transformation experience that helps you overcome your fears and truly rely upon one another for help and success.More →