Rock Your Family introduces a pioneering approach to family, couples, and individual counseling through our Telehealth Counseling Intensives. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, providing comfort and security in the familiar surroundings of their homes. Our Telehealth remote video services blend the depth and effectiveness of intensive therapy sessions with the accessibility and convenience of online delivery.

Our Telehealth Counseling Intensives consist of 15 virtual sessions that are tailor-made for individuals, couples, and families seeking transformative change without the constraints of geographical limitations. Whether you’re battling with relationship issues, coping with stress and anxiety, or navigating through life transitions, our virtual intensives provide a compact, focused, and highly personalized therapeutic experience.

Why Choose Our Telehealth Counseling Intensives?

· Accessibility: Our virtual counseling services are designed to be accessible to anyone in Colorado and other applicable states across our nation by offering a lifeline to those in rural areas or without reliable transportation or that aren’t able to travel to us.

· Convenience: Without the need to travel, scheduling and attending sessions becomes easier, ensuring consistency, which is crucial for effective therapy.

· Comfort: Being in your own space can often lead to more openness and a greater sense of security during sessions.

· Intensive Focus: Our virtual intensives offer concentrated therapy over shorter periods, making significant progress within a condensed timeframe.

Our Commitment to You.

At Rock Your Family, we are dedicated to providing not just therapy but a pathway to stronger, healthier family dynamics through our Telehealth Counseling Intensives. Our approach seamlessly integrates clinical expertise with Christian counseling principles, offering care, confidence, and wisdom to help you and your loved ones take steps toward positive change.

To explore how our Telehealth Counseling Intensives can support your journey towards healing and growth, contact us today. Let us help you rock your life and family with strength, understanding, love, and hope.


  1. This virtual counseling program is 5 days and is 3 hours per day with normal schedule being 1.5 hrs in the morning and 1.5 in the afternoon. Flexible accommodations on schedule, along with adding more time can be made upon request.
  2. Price is $2,250.

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