Our Mission

To help families everywhere learn how to better love and support one another through caring communication, mutual love and respect, and enhanced unity.


Wherever you come from, one thing is true--families today need more support than ever due to the complexity of our world. However, our resolve to better your most important relationships is as great as ever. If you're ready, then so are we. Come on out to Colorado...you won't regret it!


While as a team we come from a variety of backgrounds and locations, we remain unified in supporting families because it's not only our job but our passion. From our caring team to our transformational experiences, whatever your family needs most, we are here for you.

Our Beliefs

We believe that every family is uniquely created and designed for connection, but that this most valuable relational connection has been lost or damaged due to a variety of matters, including but not limited to societal issues, personal problems, and spiritual issues. Yet we know that with a little help, faith, and determination this connection is recoverable.

We help families through

Family is for life. We believe it! Do you?

Our Team

We are dedicated to everyone that comes to us, and we have both the education and experience to help our clients succeed in their lives.

Jordan Hall, Ma

Jordan Hall, MA

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Nate Havens


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Elena Thomason

Elena Thomason, LPC

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Sara Cruthis

Sara Cruthis, MA

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Laurisa Rabins

Laurisa Rabins


ready to solidify your family?

Individuals, couples, and families all welcome! It doesn't matter who's motivated and who isn't. Anyone willing is welcome and they can come to begin the change they want to see happen. While we love entire families coming, sometimes getting one's whole family to attend is a little too big of an ask. We definitely encourage invitations, but don't ever let a particular family member hold you back from what you know you need and want most!