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The Rock Your Family individual, marriage, and family intensives are opportunities for our clients to change their lives. We utilize a thorough and in-depth therapeutic approach designed to assist clients to get more accomplished at a quicker pace. We offer a variety of therapeutic models, including but not limited to CBT, EFT, Experiential, Equine, and EMDR. Our eclectic, experiential and personalized approach involves the customization of each program to fit your specific needs. It’s no wonder we see clients daily who are experiencing transformation. In traditional counseling clients often find themselves months later where they first began. This can leave people bewildered and thinking that they can’t be helped, when that is not true. Our customized experiential intensive approach helps clients get to the root issues of their problems and assists them in making progress toward true change. Ready to get started? Pick an intensive option below to learn more!

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Children's Ministry


Good relationships are key to healthy living, with family being foundational. Our counselors are dedicated to helping your family thrive.

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Youth Ministry


Marriage is the cornerstone of family, which is why we believe it should be prioritized and why we make it so in our counseling services.

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Men's Ministry


If you’ve been down or hurt and need personal recuperation, healing, or renewal our personal intensive is for you!

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