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Jordan Hall

Jordan Hall

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Steve Leavitt, MA

Steve Leavitt

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Michael Walker, LPC

Mike Walker

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Teresa Latham, BA

Teresa Latham

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J.P. Mertens

J.P. Mertens

Counselor ($115/hr) View Profile
Helen Hernandez, Intern




Intern ($75/hr)

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Margaret Grace Masaracchia, MEd, LPCC

Margaret Grace Masaracchia


Counselor ($115/hr)

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Jillian Zeller, LPCC




Counselor ($115/hr)

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John McDowell




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At Rock Your Family, it’s our belief that we all exist for connection, not only with our friends and family, but with ourselves, our faith, and the world around us. Likewise, connecting with the right therapist is also critical for one's own growth and well-being.  If you feel you or someone in your family is becoming disconnected or struggling mentally or emotionally, our growth-oriented, healing, and restorative therapy services in Colorado Springs can help. 

Our team members are licensed, certified, or registered family and marriage counselors because we believe both professionalism and expertise are necessary components to be able to help our clientele with excellence.  

We also believe family is for life. The connection we have with our loved ones is of the utmost importance, and the bond you have with both yourself and your family should be strong. Our counseling team always loves seeing entire families come in, but we also realize that getting everyone to come can be a big ask, and some might be unmotivated to do so. Of course, all are welcome, but we never want a particular family member to get in the way of the help you need the most! Anyone willing to meet with our therapy team can get started at their convenience. 

While our counselors are well known for their marriage and family counseling expertise, our therapy team in Colorado Springs carries many more specialties because as soon as you say the word "family" that tends to come with a whole host of needs.  Therefore, our counselors are experienced in a range of different mental health services. We also offer intensive and experiential therapy if that may be of benefit to you or your family. Our counselors specializing in intensive therapy use their expertise to help clients get to the root of their problems and start making progress in a quicker fashion than occurs in traditional therapy. Experiential therapy enhances the therapeutic process with interactive, engaging, and sensory-rich experiences so you and your family members can be thoroughly involved in the therapeutic process and in your growth together. 

Our compassionate and experienced counseling team is here for you, and we’ll pair you with the right therapist for your unique situation so you and your family can get the best help possible. Call us today at (719) 362-0796 to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment online! 

Finances and Insurance

For self-pay clients, we accept cash, check, money order, debit or credit card and certain forms of electronic payments. For insurance clients, we accept UHC, Optum, and Medicaid. For all other insurers, we can provide coded insurance receipts (SuperBills) for clients to submit to their respective insurance company for potential reimbursement.