Marriage Retreats

Needing to get away and reconnect with your spouse? We have just the place…the Rocky Mountains.

Our marriage retreats take place along the front range of the Colorado Rockies in Colorado Springs. We offer couples an amazing opportunity to fall in love again and grow their relationship.

Couples who enjoy the Glen Eyrie all-inclusive package will enjoy breakfasts at the Glen Eyrie Castle, along with opportunities for tea time and hiking through the Glen’s beautiful private property.

Every couple also gets to take part in our awesome experientials to strengthen their marriage even more! You’ll walk away with a better marriage than ever before and great memories for life!

(Note: Retreats are not counseling but educational.)

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marriage retreat


  • Communication Skills

  • Conflict Resolution Skills

  • Strength & Growth

  • Reconnection & Rejuvenation

  • Positive Memories & Practical Tools

  • Perspective

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Everyday. Morning session 9am – 11:30am, Break, and/or afternoon session 1pm – 3:30pm. Note that this is our typical schedule, and some minor adjustments are made to accommodate either organizational or client needs.

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This retreat consists of one full day that is designed to assist your marriage with one primary goal.

1 Day


Per Couple
  • 5 hrs total
  • All-inclusive available
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3 days


Per Couple
  • 15 hrs total
  • All-inclusive available
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Accommodations: Lodging arrangements are chosen during the registration process.
Note: There is a $200/day surcharge for weekend bookings.