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It Does a Family Good

Nurturing Your Child’s Creativity

One of my friends is an artist, she amazes me. One of the things I appreciate her is how she has reminded me to nurture

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Learning to Lose Graciously

It’s fall break here in Arizona which means that most of the schools are on a two-week break. We didn’t plan any traveling as a

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Enhancing Your Kids’ EQ

You’ve heard of IQ but have you ever heard of EQ? I hadn’t until a few months ago at The Global Leadership Summit. If you

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Getting Fit as a Family

We all want our kids to grow up and make good choices as it relates to their health. So there’s no better time than now

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Unconditional Love

Last week when I picked my kids up from school, my son, a kindergartener, was so excited to tell me about his day. He proudly

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What Our Kids Can Learn from the Olympics

I love watching the Olympics! I’ve had the TV on a few hours each day since the opening ceremonies. I’ve also stayed awake way too

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