Strengths-Based Parenting

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Have you ever completed the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment? I highly recommend it. Understanding your results can help you in many different areas of life. When you buy the book, it comes with a code to … Read More

Stop Feeling Guilty

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Do you ever look at other parents and feel like they’re winning and you’re losing at this parenting gig? Do you ever feel guilty for all the things you aren’t doing?   Me too.   … Read More

Planning for Margin

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What’s your weekly schedule like? Is every evening accounted for? Or do you have some white space on the calendar where you can relax and be together as a family?  Until my daughter was in … Read More

Teaching Kids About Trade Offs

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April has been a very full month for our family. (Actually, most months are full, but this one especially.) My husband and I both had multiple out-of-town trips and relied on family and friends to … Read More

Which Pet Should We Get?

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Pets can be a wonderful addition to the family. Pets teach children about bonding, loyalty and how to care for an animal. Children learn about responsibility, chores, training and hard work in taking care of … Read More

Your Kids are Listening

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Last night my son planned an impromptu date for us in his tent. It was so sweet, he even had my daughter deliver us a try of dessert while we were in the tent. It … Read More

Is Christmas Really About Jesus?

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  There are so many wonderful things about this time of year. We all look forward to giving gifts, spending them with family and friends, and participating in fun traditions during the Christmas season.   … Read More

Growing Pains

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As a parent, I acknowledge that I very often want my kids to experience a pain-free life. I want them to retain their innocence and mainly experience love, joy and peace. I don’t want them … Read More