Soar Teen Group

Today teens need all the help they can get, but that help isn't readily available. Most people don't know exactly what teens really need nor how to reach them. This is where we come in with Soar. Our role is to facilitate life-changing and life-building experiences because teens need to learn how to make their own choices and learn from them. They need to learn how to work together and how to look out for others besides themselves. Through our amazing interactive experiences and life skills education taught by our therapy team, your teen will learn unforgettable lessons and attain necessary life skills to take them into the future. They'll learn about who they are, what their purpose is, how to accomplish tasks set before them, and how to do all of this in connection and participation with others, which will prepare them for the future workforce and empower them to be a team player in their own family. It will be a memorable and transformational time!

Register below to claim your spot. Space is limited. This is a co-ed group.

Saturdays 1:00pm-3:00pm
Start Date: Sept 19th
End Date: Oct 24th
(6 sessions total)

$85 per attendee/session
$425 total if paid in advance
(Use Coupon TEENBREAK)

soar group counseling
  • Life Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Conflict Resolution Skills

  • Identity Formation

  • Teamwork & Interdependence

  • Motivation & Resiliency

schedule breakdown

  • Sept 19 - Learning to Trust Yourself and Others (Rock Climbing)
  • Sept 26 - Interdependence and Teamwork (High Ropes Course)
  • Oct 3 - Resiliency Training & Motivation (Hiking)
  • Oct 10 - Emotional Intelligence (Equine Experiential)
  • Oct 17 - Understanding Yourself and Others (Low Ropes Course)
  • Oct 24 - Honesty, Vulnerability, & Connection (Low Ropes Course)
  • *Location/Activity subject to change based on availability/weather*

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