Our therapeutic retreats

Our therapeutic retreats are designed for clients that are seeking to getaway, rejuvenate, and reconnect with themselves, nature, or their loved ones.  While our therapeutic retreats do involve counseling, they are not intensive therapy that is much better suite for dealing with crisis-oriented situations or more so meant to help clients work through longstanding or significant cyclical issues.  Instead, our therapeutic retreats are educational and growth-oriented for you and yours to learn more about yourselves and to attain tips, skills, and tools to continue progressing in your lives and working towards betterment. We offer all-inclusive packages for those looking for lodging and meals.

Choose your retreat option below to learn more by visiting our retreat website. If you're needing intensive counseling to find healing, work through crisis, or overcome serious issues, then please look into our intensive therapy options or our recovery programs.

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Therapeutic retreat


While each of us is a part of something bigger, sometimes we just need to getaway and be reminded of the truth and reconnect with ourselves.

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Counseling Marriage Retreat


Marriage is the cornerstone of family, which is why we believe it should be prioritized and why we do so in our counseling services.

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Family Therapy Retreat


Relationships are what it's all about, and family is its foundation. Our professional guides are dedicated to helping your family thrive.

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Couples Retreat Colorado

Couples Retreat

This is an exciting and educational group couples retreat, hosted at the Glen Eyrie Castle!

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